You have the ability to build a business that

lights you up

and you are passionate about it.

is expression of your essence

and you absolutely love it.

is deeply meaningful

and highly profitable.

This business serves you, provide for your needs.

And it delivers high value to your clients. 

And it is natural for you.


The only question is


Let me guide you.

Dive into your subconscious

there is the key to your success.

I invite you to Feminine flame.

5 months audio program 

To declutter old patterns, change the narrative that shapes your reality.

And open new, more natural and effortless path to highly profitable business.

We will cover 6 crucial topics you need to resetup for your business to bring more money and ease.

1Feminine way of creating wealth
2Hamster weel X sustainability
3Guilt and the victime
4 BONUSBoundaries
6Self love

You don't have to exchange your 

health, family, time, self care,...

for money or success.


Every month we will go through one topic

You will receive link to your audio library and you will start with the intro audio, explaining the topic.

You can follow with self coaching workbook to apply the insights immediately for your business.

Soul Healing reccording will help you cleanse your subconscious, so no more blocks limit your business.

And the rewritting recording will help you set up new intentions and new paths.

Like that the topic is settled and next month you can move to the new area. 

You can share in private facebook group, where we will have monthly calls to answer any questions and give you extra support.

Get ready, the work is deeply transformatinal.

Hi, I am Žaneta Ariati,

I am a well-being counselor, soul mentor and female entrepreneur activator.

I help my clients to live soulfull life. A life, which is the expression of their soul. Where they belong and most importantly feel great in it.

With passion I am activating success gene in female businesses. And guiding business ladies to success.


Let me help you rewrite the rules and 

design the game based on your potential.


you will get

Intro audio

for each topic

Self coaching


Soul healing

to declutter your subconscious

Rewritting audio

to design new paths.

Imagine how much it costs you not to evolve.

How many clients are you missing?

Your business is ready for the change.

You can trust the feeling. You can trust your intuition.

You can trust your soul and follow the guidance.

Apply by filling the form below


Do you have questions?

Write me on zaneta@zanetaariati.cz