I need to redesign my life.

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I want my life to fit my soul.

I want to fully enjoy happiness (again).

I value fullfilment in life the highest.

I want to use my full potential.


Become your soul fully manifested in material reality.

In intense, three months long, personal program SOUL NAVIGATION you will lay the basis of your truest life.

After the program you will know exactly who you are and how to live it every day, every minute.

All areas of your life will be after revision, decluttering and narrowing. With your unique life map you will be able to follow your soul path.

And you will be ready to live yourself fully.


First monthFocus on reality check, how much you live your soul essence and your life purpose, deep orientation in your life. 
Second monthCovering restart, decluttering and cleansing all that doesn't fit any more.
Third monthBuilding your new reality based on the guidance of your soul.

You will experience a big upgrade in all areas of your life.

relationships upgrades

so you live them freely and joyfully


will no longer depend on outside conditions

feeling alive

every day

During the 3 months process you will experience major shift in your life towards living who you truly are.


Feeling good is our primary need. We feel good in a life, that fits us. That is not only a life in accordance with our identity. But it is a life that is in every aspect an expression of who we are. Of our soul. We call it SOULFULL LIFE.

Soul navigation program is designed to help you discover and learn to live your soulfull life on a daily basis. Live everyday a life that you love.

It is not just a series of sessions, readings and rituals. It is a unique field created personally only for you, which will help to keep you in the process of change no matter what your life brings up. We give you a gift of life by sharing our divine sparkle. By donating our conscious presence we create space for you and your growth. From which you will become the best version of yourself. The closest to your divine existence.


  • Living in your flow
  • A relief from life's preassure
  • Ongoing individual support
  • Your private team of spiritual guides
  • Increase your power of influence
  • A deeper connection to your soul
  • More clarity with your inner guidance
  • Being more centered
  • Reaching your inner strenght

Soul navigation program is like receiving a map and new compas.


This is us. Your team of healers, supporters, guides and channelers.

Žaneta Ariati - Well-being counselor and soul communicator

Roman Ariati - Craniosacral therapist, coach and author of Deep Yoga Concept

Karen Sommers - holistic healer and author of Narama Healing Method

Martin Kubát - sound healer, holistic coach, author of Master Tuning System and The Way of Self Mastery









It has taken a year since we were guided together, to create this unique synergy of our gifts. So you can be provided with the best services and support you need.


By this constelation, combination of our skills, all angles are covered for you.


Our souls agreed on meeting and creating this empowering field as Soul navigation, a long long time ago. So did your soul by accepting the support and help we will provide for you.

You already feel the calling. 

You can trust the feeling. You can trust your intuition.

You can trust your soul and follow the guidance.



Žaneta Ariati

Widow at 26. Now happy woman, wife and mum. Channeling wisdom, creating healing podcasts, providing support on your journey back to your happiness.

"Your scars are someone else’s signs of hope." said Danielle LaPorte. Let my scars serve your happiness and bring you hope, relief and deeper understanding.

With love


My intention is to bring happiness (back) into your life. I will help you feel supported, nurtured and provided for, no matter the life situation you are going through. 

Converting any topic into a shortcut to your wellbeing gives me goosebumps of excitement. I know how to get into a spot, where you absolutely honor your soul, power and path you chose for yourself, and I want to share this with you. I will meet once a month with your soul and I will translate to human language all of its answers.

Roman Ariati

I will provide you with my dedicated support on your journey in a field of embodyment and integration. All your cells are cointainers of your attitude towards yourself, others and towards life itself. Change your posture and you will change your life.

I will show you how to become conscious about what you live and what you feel in everyday life through your body. And how to optimize it so it all serves you and your dreams.

My strong personal mission is to bring spiritual connection and experience into reality by grounding through body. Acceptance, strenghtening, flexibility, these are the first steps to access your unique potential. All your gifts are already there, hidden in your body. 

I will share with you my proved methods and tools by almost 30 years of daily practice. Including my personal concept Deep yoga based on conscious movement and body work, original breathing techniques and craniosacral therapy. 

Karen Sommers

Healing my life and my family lineage of abusive relationships has given me an inner vision and knowledge of how powerful we are.

As I went from victim to actively co-creating with the Universe I created my own healing method. That has helped myself, my daughters and many men and women live a life of joy and wonder.

I will help you become a fully conscious co-creator in your life. As we clear inherited and learnt limiting belief systems you will become free to choose who you really want to be and actively create all the aspects of that life you choose to be living.

You will live a life your ancestors only dreamt of.

Martin Kubát

Since a young age I was discovering the principles of life. I gained rich experiences in areas of healing and well-being. My lifestyle is oriented Source method.

Sound healing and the deep state of consciousness are my passion. Always aiming to the highest potential. From power, love and wisdom - creating real freedom - I expand my world and from this enrich others.

My intention is to bring more clarity into your life. To help you live your own truth. I will be guide in Self Mastery Way. Integrity and Self Empowerment are the ways for a victorious life.

I will assist you through guided meditations and sound healings. These powerful sound fields will get you to the magical state of consciousness where miracles are possible.


How does it work?

SOUL NAVIGATION is very unique, one of a kind, 3 months personal transformation program.

We accept only 5 people worldwide at the same time to the program. We carefully select the best matches, so everybody gains maximum benefit from the program.

Our three months journey together are organised as follows:

Applications are on request. 

If you are selected, first we will hold an iniciation ritual for you. We will open an energy field to contain the healing process and keep it for you during the whole three months.  

After that will start on the nearest new moon.  

Everyweek, at the same time, you will go through a special session for you

  • New moon clearing by Karen
  • Life upgrade with Martin
  • Full moon Soul reading by Žaneta
  • Embodyment and conscious body work with Roman

Which means 12 sessions during the three months, personaly designed and done specificely for you and your needs.

Once in the three months all four of us will work on you at the same time in a combo session. This session brings a quantum leap and accelerates all the process fast forward.

In the end, we will hold a closing ritual for you and the program, to let everything settle with ease.

You can attend the sessions live, or you can receive voice recordings, video, meditations and other resources in your personal library online.

After each session you will receive a summary and the full reccording to your library, so you can access it any time.


Three Soul readings
Three powerful energetic clearing
Three embodyment sessions
Three upgrading sessions
Individual homeworks
Personal rituals design by your soul
Personal yoga and breathing practice
Private library with all the materials
Ongoing support

Thanks to the regularity, your system and the field of the Soul navigation program will work for you and will make all the process easier.

We need your active approach. Clearly communicating your intentions for each session and the whole program in the begining. We want to encourage you to share whatever is going on in your life and bring it into the program. So your soul can guide you through the program and we can help.

You will receive homework and rituals designed and dictated directly by your soul. You will develop your personal practice of connecting with your soul, and techniques to apply and follow in your daily life. So you live fully, in all areas of your life and in all your relationships, yourself. Your true you

We will work in your energetic field, with your mind, emotions, brain, the whole body and even with your cells. Cooperating with your soul and all your spiritual team of guides and angels. 

A bit more details

Your sessionWhat it does - how it is delivered
Full moon soul readingsRecconnecting - Wisdom and answers
EmbodymentConscious body work - Craniosacral therapy, yoga, breathing
New moon clearingsHealing - Liberating the auric field
Life upgradingOpening to new possibilities - Sound healing, meditations
Combo sessionAccelerate all the processes - all of us working on you at the same time

The main difference between SOUL NAVIGATION and SOUL GUIDANCE is: after 3 months of intense vortex in Soul navigation, it is up to you to keep on track and to practice all the changes and live the steps we uncovered for you. While in the Soul guidance your soul will take your hand and will guide you through all the steps along the way to your new life. 


Your investment into your happiness and fulfilled life purpose is

25 000€.

Why invest into feeling good in your life? Because when you die, the only currency that matters is your happiness. Whether you enjoyed your life and if your soul is leaving this human experience content or with regrets. It is your choice.

It is pretty clear now, that it is not going to pass or that life is not going to get easier. We are diving in fully on this ride. And you can choose. Are you going to buy low cost airlines ticket? Or divine airlines ticket, where you receive a macron and a champain before take off, and during the flight the stewardess will fluff your pillow. It is your choice.

Let this investment be your commitment. Not to us. Not to the program. But to your life, to the Universe. And particularly to yourself and your soul.

Let it be your commitment to give this year to yourself. Own everything that will come up by yourself, experience it through your true identity.

Let it be your commitment to become a fully manifested and expressed soul in your life. Because this is soulfull life. You living and expressing your soul as much as possible.

Let it become the expression of your true essence.

This gift of life, you give to yourself. It is the permision to fully show up, express and live your soul. This gift is handed by us to you. We enable you to fully live it and we will support you along the way. 

You already feel the calling. 

You can trust the feeling. You can trust your intuition.

You can trust your soul and follow the guidance.


We want to give you the most relevant review you can read. Review from a future you. Take it as a short experiment. Imagine and feel life, how it is going to be, after you go through the Soul guidance program.

Lets dive in: Pick a spot, chair or rock. Set up an intention to feel your new life, after the program. Sit there and notice how do you feel

Who are you?
What do you live?
Are you happy?
Do you use your full potential?
Do you create?
Do you live life to the fullest?
Do you enjoy life?
What is your soul saying?

If you see yourself there, you feel your soul and if you are ready to experience the change in your daily life, the program is exactly for you.

If you are ready to redesign your life, if you are ready and open to new possibilities,

we are here for you

Apply by filling the form below


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