I need some answers and clarity.

You have all the answers available.

Even though you don’t feel like it right now.

These are some of the questions and feelings you might have.

I am confused.

I am stuck.

I need to see the bigger picture.

I don't understand the guidance.

My intuition is failing me.

Why me? Why is this happenning to me?

Ufff, now what?

I just don't understand.

I wish I knew what to do.

Dear Žaneta, thank you so much for my Sould reading! My body and soul was really filled with joy 🙂 and I can’t wait to practise rituals and practical tips for the next journey. I have downloaded the recording. I wish you peaceful days and all the best.
Žaneta, thank you for helping me tremendously in the most difficult situation of my life, I am and always will be very grateful to you!💖🕊

Let me deliver the information and guidance that you are looking for.

I will connect with your soul, get answers to your questions. I will receive detail explanation about the situation. And I will translate it into human language and hand it to you.

You will have precize clarity - what is going on and why.

You will receive concrete steps to follow, so the situation can improve.

You will recconnect to your soul.

Your ability to apply your deep inner wisdom will restore.

Dear Žaneta, I‘ve heard your message and have been thinking about it for two days. I keep coming back to it in my thoughts and I realize how beautifully and completely it resonates with me 🙂 from the beginning to the end, starting with the beautiful image from my soul you describe at the very beginning. I’m so glad you were shown my daughter’s story and its explanation. I can support her now. There are many other thoughts that keep coming in addition to the message. I like the way you explain it all, I feel I actually do understand it and it is all gradually sinking in. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best,

Hi, I am Žaneta Ariati,

I am a well-being counselor, soul mentor and female entrepreneur activator. I help my clients to live soulfull life. A life, which is the expression of their soul. Where they belong and most importantly feel great in it.

With passion I am activating success gene in female businesses. And guiding business ladies to success.

I became a widow at age 26. Through that situation I experienced that any crisis in life is convertable into better life. Into truest identity. Into happiness again.

No matter the situation you are facing right now. You hear the inner calling. You can trust the feeling. It will pass. It will change. And you can play active part in the process. You don’t have to wait until the paralysis is gone.

The best support you can get is from your soul, from your higher self. From your guides and angels. From Mother Earth or the Universe itself. 

Let me connect with them for you and deliver the message that you are waiting for.


Thank you with all my heart for your reading and your I dare say heavenly gift. Woooow. These things are so huge and I accept to hear them and they don’t hurt. For me it is a big „I see, aha, yeah“ and now I can do something about it. I needed to hear all this and start to feel harmony inside, feel that I can even be like this and feel that I can change and refine.



Soul reading covers three questions and main vision that your soul will show us, together with explanation and practical steps to take.

Your answers will be recorded in mp3, 20-40min long.

Whenever I got stuck with a problem, I tried to solve it myself first. However, sometimes it was like reading the book of my life with scrambled letters dancing in front of my eyes. And then came Žaneta. She took the book, glanced at it and in a split second she not only unscrambled the letters but deeply felt and understood the whole situation, explained me the heart of the matter and offered possible solutions. With easy baby steps I could finally find my way out. She saw what I couldn’t see.
Klaudie FachinelliCesty k dítěti,

Which topics I can ask about?




Parental issues

Personal growth

Work and business

Life changing decisions


Anything you are struggling with

Žaneta, thank you very much for a strong and beautiful message.
I received a Soul reading from Žaneta at a very difficult time in my life. It was a much needed assistance for making important decisions based on what would be beneficial for me in the near future. Now as I look back at the reading I am amazed at changes I have gone through and how much the messages I received from my soul helped me reach my goals! I look forward to my next reading.

Important information

After paying the invoice I connect with your soul to set up the best date possible for the conversation.

You don't have to do anything specific during the reading.

The standard delivery time varies from 14 days - month. I always respect the timing your soul picks.

You will receive your answers in mp3 recording. When I have it ready for you, I will send you the link to download the recording. The link is active one week.

The recording includes:

- Main vision your soul will show 

- Answer to your questions 

- Practical tips and steps to take 

- Specific advice from your soul how to improve the situation

- Final message or information that your soul would like to pass

After filling the order, please send me your photo, where your eyes are visible. And your questions to e-mail Thank you.

Thanks to Zaneta I have returned to take the course of my life. Thanks to her soul reading I have received very clear messages that my soul wanted me to hear. I feel happy and satisfied because now I have a clear idea of my soul’s purpose in this life. It can’t get better than that!!
When my body wasn’t feeling good and I was being chased by seemingly irrational fear, Žaneta helped me enormously. She got insight into my situation and my soul – the information she gave me (in a very gentle and empathetic way), not only brought relief to my body and soul but fitted as missing pieces into the mosaic of my life. This helped me to get perspective on the whole issue and to understand it better. Žaneta provided me with specific and practical advice on how I can help myself dealing with the topic – in short term as well as in long term. With the benefit of hindsight I can see how much it has helped me. I stopped floundering and could direct my energy to flow to the right places.
Jitka Černovská

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