You feel that you need a major upgrade

and so does your business.

Let's create

sacred space

where we connect

inner and outer work

to open the space

for a significant change.

Soul readings, energetic audit, strategies, rituals and much more.

Just for you and your business.

And of course, your clients, who will benefit from your upgrade the most.

What you can achieve with the rigt support?

Anything you are called to...

In two days you will reprogram 

your business to success.

You can expect

Soul readingTo receive higher guidance and clarity
Energetic audit of your businessTo detect the old patterns
Business Soul HealingTo declutter your business and empower your intentions
Uniting all your levelsTo support your intention and anchor the new ways


STREAMS OF INSPIRATION flowing and bringing new ideas, solutions and ways. 

RELEASE of all the old, unfunctioning patterns that are no longer serving you, your business and clients.

You will EVOLVE to the new verion of yourself as an entrepreneur and your business will follow.

FINDING guided solutions to all your issues and converting the situations to your assets.

Absolute BOOST of your intentions and opening path to fulfill them easily.

And much, much more.

Hi, I am Žaneta Ariati,

I am a well-being counselor, soul mentor and female entrepreneur activator.

I help my clients to live soulfull life. A life, which is the expression of their soul. Where they belong and most importantly feel great in it.

With passion I am activating success gene in female businesses. And guiding business ladies to success.



We will set up 2 days, when we will meet online

in a block time focused only on your intentions, needs, your business and clients.

In this unique container,

designed only for you and your business,

we will use different methods,

based on your needs,

to navigate your business

your choices and next steps,

to success,

which is awaiting for you.

We will have 4x 3h session in the 2 days, containing rituals, Soul Reading, energetic audit, Soul Healing and much more.

Imagine how much it costs you not to evolve.

How many clients are you missing?

Your business is ready for the change.

You can trust the feeling. You can trust your intuition.

You can trust your soul and follow the guidance.

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