Fight for Life

When do we lose humanness especially towards ourselves?

When does our focus drastically drop to minimum?

When do we lose the feeling of relaxation?

When we are in the fight-for-life mode.

No matter whether our fight for life means fight or flight.

Fight for life is a very effective mechanism which allowed us to survive as humanity (thank you, Mother Nature). However, in the Second World War the society had an unprecedent global and long run fighting for life. As a consequence, we have been stuck in a constant fight for life for several generations.

After the war, nobody has really gone through the trauma thoroughly and got over it, nobody finished the run for life, nor erased the fight for life mode from our bodies. As a result, although we don’t face the threat anymore, we have been running and fighting for life for decades, as if a predator was breathing down our neck.  

What does it mean? How does it manifest?

Basically, it means that our system is permanently excited. It reacts to all stimuli in a more intense, faster and instinctive way; as a result we are unable to stop or relax. Our sources and capacity are limited. The only thing we focus on is survival.

We are constantly forced to perform action and activity. We can’t switch off, so to say, stop, thus even things we do for pleasure become a performace and duty and our system is alert all the time, ready to fight.

Where did it come from?

The post-war generation (basically our parents) got stuck for whole life in a role of a wounded child fighting everything and everyone for their existence.

Every child needs love and acceptance to survive. Without these thein system evaluates the situation as life hazard. No love = no care and acceptance – and the baby dies in the wild. And so the child does all he or she can to gain love and acceptance to save his or her own life.

Our ancestors, who lived through the war and haven’t recovered from the trauma and fight for life, had children who inherited necessity of fight for life imprinted in their cells. Moreover, those children didn’t have enough attention and nutrition from their parents stuck in fight for life. Since in fight for life, our focus is significantly limited to only one thing  – to survive. Love, attention and nutrition for ourselves or our children exceeds the limits of our capacity.

And this is how  a society full of wounded children constantly fighting for their existence was formed.

How does it show up in our everyday life?

We are in a constant race for achievement. We run away from ourselves through activity.

We shop excessively, consume, watch videos and the news, work… we run away from a halt. From the moment of feeling ourselves again.

Before our potential is reached, the ancient trauma passed on through generations needs to come to an end.

That is why we experience deep global healing of the fight for life  mode.

We are forced to stop on a global scale. To let preceding generations finish their run for life. And witness that the threat is over. And that we can live much more than a desperate fight for life.

„We can live much more than a desperate fight for life.“

We have been constantly fighting for life for generations that is why we don't realize its influence any more. I interviewed Silvie Šabacká, a body wisdom guide, to tell us more about how the fight for life mode works and how to deal with it consciously.

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Why is the healing coming now?

Why is it happening now? Why is it necessary to stop and leave the fight for life vicious circle? Why can't the trauma be healed as the time goes, spontaneously  since it gets better from generation to generation? (The burden gets smaller over the generations.)

Because loads of wounded children fighting desperately for their existence can't help anyone. Neither the planet nor the change we have been pleading for.

Every wounded child is holding a model of their survival in their hands. An ideal situation. The opposite of the threat they  faced in the past. It can be a vision of an ideal partnership, peace in the family, concern, respect, feeling important etc. It is a model of their rescue. And they are very attached to it.

Whenever anything that might threaten this model, this vision, shows up, the wounded child starts to fight or flight. Out of fear of recurrent potential loss (of safety and life) they have already suffered from their point of view. Out of fear of another possible fatal threat.

I was trying a lot to get insight as to what is holding us in this situation. Why we are unable to leave this endless cycle of a wounded child's automatic reactions. And it was the victim role that emerged through the lack of love and no self-love.

This brings us back to the Second World War trauma that we haven't recovered from. Victims fighting for life that have never had the chance to surrender the role. To orient themselves and leave the victim and flight behind.

And that is why the victim keeps us in the good old cycle of performance, pressure and flight within a fight for life.


Let's accept the invitation from life, let's stop, exhale.

Let's leave the victim role and the fight for life behind.

Let's grow from wounded children to adults who live themselves and their potential.

How to step out of the role of a victim and a wounded child?

If you feel like it, you can perform a short ritual.

Prepare a jacket or a sweatshirt.

Choose a place around you which will represent the current situation for a while – the wounded child, the victim role, urge to fight for life.

Put on the jacket with the intention that it contains all this for you at the moment.

  • Feel the wounded child.
    • Can you map what his/her model of safety he/she clings to is?
    • What is he/she fighting for?
  • Feel the victimWhat is the victim's strategy?

    • How does the victim work?

    • How do you profit from the victim role? In what aspect is it comfortable?

  • Feel the change in the new place.

    • What is different in you when the old ways are gone?

Say goodbye to all of it. You can leave it behind with respect.

Take the jacket off, consciously stepping out of the roles and the routine.

Step to the life from the place that represented the space of the wounded child and the victim. 

  • Feel the change in the new place.
    • What is different in you when the old ways are gone?

Breathe in and out through the change in the situation and let yourself make a step to life more freely.

You can send a message that you made it to your ancestors from preceding generations. That they survived through you. That they finished their fight for life.

After the ritual you can burn some sage or incense to cleanse the place of the victim and the jacket or cleanse them another way so that they don't keep bearing the quality.

„Other tips to cleanse the jacket after the ritual: You can ask a candle flame to cleanse the place and the jacket of the quality. Or put the jacket on the ground and ask Mother Earth to absorb the energy and transform it to nourishment... or you can just wash the jacket.“

Take your time to relax and integrate the change.

And get ready for changes in your reality. They won't happen pronto. However, you will slowly learn to live with yourself in a new way. More in contact with your sources and your essence.

When you don't live in the fight-for-life mode, you suddenly have a huge choice of possible ways to react. It won't be only a choice of fight or flight. (If you are tired, you will more easily choose rest over fight – more and more work, or flight – to television or social medias.)

Every choice where you choose yourself will be easier, more conscious now. Every relaxation and inner awareness will be more comfortable now.

And society full of centered people is exactly what the planet needs right now. And so do we.