Message from Coronavirus

What is the message from coronavirus?

Allow yourselves to live!

What opportunity does it offer? Why is it coming? How to cope with it? What message does it bring for humanity?

I had the opportunity to ask all these questions one night when the essence of coronavirus came to me to pass on its message.

Coronavirus is not evil, nor a beast. It is energy. Neither plus nor minus. It’s us, people, who assign it polarity.

I perceived it as an empowered and shining developped being. Although bearing a rather masculine polarity, he also embodied tenderness and great kindness. He revealed himself to me in a bright light, in a flow of energy, as if in the eye of a tornado, connected to his center, his source, stable.

I asked him what he wants from us, people, why it has come.

He wants us to be real, to live our essence.

He showed me he is dragging us deep when we cling too much, drowning in our lives, in illusions we have created.

Although man-made, he comes as a reinforcement of the Earth, in answer to our calls for a change, to our prayers for Mother Earth.

However, we haven’t accepted his message yet, declining and stri ving, resisting and trying to eliminate him.

He told me it’s the same as with fear – unless we hold its hand and talk to it, it can’t hand over its gifts and the horror grows.

„I come to reinforce intentions your souls have set and come to live. Lean on me, I am here to support you. Let me show you where you lie to yourselves, how well you play hide-and-seek with life. Let me show you where you pulled away from yourselves, though you do not even realize it anymore. Let me show you where you lose your life and valuable potential every day. Let me create and create along. Each and every reaction, fear, all the shopping, every action, each symptom and sign of illness is like a piece of a magic puzzle. Allow yourselves to see its message but above all – ALLOW YOURSELVES TO LIVE! That is the most important message I am carrying.“

„Live yourselves, your truth, your dreams, your pain, your essence, your story. That is why you are here. You have forgotten. And  I am here to kindly remind you.“

Why do some people get sick and others don’t?

„Everyone lives their own story, their prison of lies they have come to believe. Some only need the door unlocked and they can leave on their own. Some have forgotten there is life outside the cell, they need to be guided out. You have become prisoners in your own bodies. I am here to free you, guide you and press harder when needed.“

Why does the disease progress differ  in elderly patients, productive age population and children?

„I come where I am needed. I would not get where you need me most without apparent failures of governments and individuals.“

„Everyone gets their piece. Children do not need me, they live their truth most. I serve as a reminder to their parents. Their favour to you.“

„People in the productive age group are the most diverted ones and they need to reconnect with themselves most. Most often because they have believed in truths and wrongs  of their parents. The time has come to live their own life. Leave the past behind, let it go and make a step forward, freely. Each symptom carefully guides you.“

„To the elderly and the dying I serve as their kind release, end of their journey. Their soul intentions have been fulfilled or are impossible to be fulfilled anymore. They were stuck in space and time and I liberated them. I give them a new opportunity, a new life. Why suffer in the world where they do not belong anymore?“

Why lungs, shortness of breath, why do you create through breath and its shortage?

„I drag you all down to the depth of your own soul. When you resist, you seemingly drown, struggle for breath trying to reconnect through breath with your old life. However, it is no longer possible. If you yield, though, you sink closer to yourselves, closer to the source of life itself. Then your lungs are not harmed to such an extent. The progression of illness is moderate then.“

So what can we do? How can we deal with you?

„Stop fighting, declining and worrying. I am here because you need me. My service is as sacred as the life you will find through me. Accept my invitation and let us cooperate.“  

Ok, how exactly? What are we supposed to do? Sit at home with a face mask on?

„Feel. Yourselves, breath, life. I reveal the parts of your souls covered with dust of oblivion. Let us have a look at them. Listen to your heart, find where it leads you. Walk through the gates of fear deeper to your truth. Sort out who you still are with radical frankness. What still is the sacred truth. Then exhale and allow yourselves to live. That is equally important.“

„Do not stay frozen and paralysed in the interstice. It would be the same place, the same prison. You must let go completely of the limitations you used to believe.“

Do you have any message for humanity?

„Live in love, that is the only life in which you can find answers to what your souls desire.  That is the only life in which you can create a new world.“

And so I pass on his message with love... 🙏🏻