Mother Earth guidance

Even before the Coronavirus came to me to pass on his message, I was contemplating Mother Earth guidance.

It was the very beginning of the whole situation when they were considering closing schools. I was afraid. It reminded me of all the old stories that I know so well. Beginnings of totalitarianism. All the limitations that resulted in life losing all its essence.

The moments we as a society were standing at the crossroads and chose the road that led to painful experiences, falls and ends of civilizations.

I was paralysed by that fear. Even though I was calming myself down with logical arguments that there was nothing wrong, that I was safe, my body was overcome with feelings of despair and sorrow – at all those vain attempts and ends. „No, no, no! Not again! It was supposed to be different this time,“ I wanted to scream.

In the meantime, the Coronavirus was already doing his merciful service and showed me my routine, maybe covered in dust but still controlling my life.

When I overcame my fear, I got in contact with Mother Earth.

„I hope you won't abandon me this time.“

„I hope you won't abandon me this time.“ She told me right away.

Me? Abandon her? I came to ask her for help, right? Great Mother, a magical, wise being. So what the heck, me abandoning her!

And then she showed me.

All the coronavirus situation isn't an error in the Universe. It's not a thing that shouldn't be happening. And above all, it's not evil happening to us, poor people.

We are active parts of all this!

The situation is not happening to us. We are its co-creators.

It is an answer to our longing for change. Only beyond our imagination. None of those who meditate and pray for world peace and global change had ever thought that necessary slowing down and getting inside of each of us would happen via quarantine, borders closed and free movement restrictions. We all were sort of hoping for the romantic version of us finally twigging, making the right choices, making the best steps for ourselves, humanity and the planet. Well, that's the sense of humour the Universe has. It can always surprise you when delivering your wish fulfilled.

And this collides with reality in which it's easy to believe that what is happening right now is wrong. That it should be different. And this is how we dissociate from the events and they are „just happening“ to us. However, we are still an active part of the situation!

By handling it, coping with it, we influence and change every second.

I asked Mother Earth what it means. How to support her. How not to abandon her this time.

“It is the responsibility of each of you to stand in your power. Your life and  lives of others depend on it now.”

This is a vital message. How to support the course of the demanding situation so that it passes off as peacefully as possible?

  • How to support the course of the demanding situation so that it passes off as peacefully as possible?
    • Stand in your strength.
  • How to help Mother Earth deal with coronavirus?
    • Stand in your strength.
  • What to do for humankind to handle it?
    • Stand in your strength.
  • How to approach yourself in the given situation?
    • Stand in your strength.

It’s basically the answer to each question concerning the situation that crosses our mind.

All we need is this tiny little thing which costs nothing and everyone can do it – and a change occurs. On a personal as well as planetary level.

The thing is that we often don’t even know what our strength actually is, not to mention how to get in touch with it.

I asked Mother Earth how to do it. In an available, easy and clear way. So that anyone, anytime and anywhere can do it. She offered me several options:

Visualize entering the eye of a tornado, the center of a storm.

It reminded me a lot of the clip of this song:

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video

Dance swaying your hips in kundalini moves (as if the sacral bone was a shovel scooping sand by moving forward). Along with the moves of the pelvis, allow the breath travel from your feet all the way up to your pelvis and belly button. Move your arms upwards following your breath.

Or we can connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. I feel it when I go inside and with intention I reach her heart, her core.

I asked Mother Earth if she is suffering.

“Suffering is a human thing. It’s your choice, up to each of you. It comes in moments of conflicts between your ideas and reality,” she replied.

I asked about the role of Coronavirus.

“Coronavirus is a kind help in fulfilling intentions you people have.”

What are the steps to go through apparent crisis successfully?

“Live every moment of your life through every cell of your body.”

“Vivacity in the body. Each cell is full of life all the time. Bring life to every situation. That’s how you let the essence of life taste and feel the experience. This is possible only when you are open and enjoy every situation.”

“Suffering closes everything because it says: ’It’s wrong as it is.’”

“Acceptance opens up opportunity to go through even tough moments with love and consciousness.”

“Your aim isn’t to go through it quickly and be done, complete the task. You aim is to go through it being mindful in the moment.”

“Being mindful you are connected to the Earth and the Universe. Go through it with this connection. No matter what happens, don’t lose this connection.“

What about the fears that come up and grip us?


„There is deep global healing of the rooted fight for life feeling going on right now. You absorbed it from your family and collective consciousness. From your roots. And that’s what forces you to act. To deliver. To the mind. To run away from yourself. I’m running for life mode. To save yourself. You escape to television, money, performance.“

“It’s survival instinct. Dating several generations back and as old as the mankind at the same time. The reason why people have been chased like animals in consumerism and at work.”

“Fear closes you, the body gets stiff, it’s impossible to enjoy life. However, you can enjoy fear. Enjoy the moment of fear. Dive deep inside the feeling, be present. Feel it and respect it. The fear. Let it pass through.

“Your purpose is not to sort it out or to save yourself. There is nothing to be saved from as it is but your illusion because there is nothing wrong. Your purpose is not to run away or hide, either. Your purpose is to go through it and let it pass through you, let it go, with respect.”

“If Life tastes the experience through you, it can leave. If you remain open even if afraid, fear will pass through and vanish. You don’t need any action. Just feel yourself, be with yourself.”

“There is more to the life than fight for life. Therefore it is time to get rid of this despair that takes all your real sources away from you.”

“Since in a fight your sources life magic or Mother Earth guidance aren’t available to you. All this is only available when you relax.”

“What are we supposed to do? Especially when we are shocked and don’t know which way to turn?”

“I will open a new door for you soon. Believe.”

“You need to go through the gate of fear. Let go of helplessness and shortage.”

“Face yourself and mortality.”

“Go through the gate of discomfort and running away from yourself.”


“Be aware that I will soon open a new door for you.”

What can we as humankind do, apart from practicing standing in our strength?

“Don’t rush.”

“Don’t escape to work; don’t try to sort it out.”

“Allow yourself to stop, exhale, and just feel.”

“Allow yourself to feel yourself, your body, a little bee flying by, smoke coming out of a chimney, magic of the moment. How are you feeling?”

“Switch from activity to perception. That’s the key to a change.”

“I guide everything, your every step. Can you feel my guidance?”

Do you have any message, advice for us?

“Open up to new a way of life you have been longing for for so long. The change won’t come without you. It won’t come without you living it.”